Pupils choose 5 classes and attend each of the five for one hour each day. A sixth choice must also be given in case other classes are full.

  • All classes will run subject to sufficient numbers

  • Lunchtime is 1.15 - 2.00 and pupils must remain in the supervised area unless they have a signed permission slip

  • Concert performances take place on Friday during class, at lunchtime and on Friday evening

  • Students must remain in the supervised area unless they have a signed permission slip allowing them to leave the premises

  • There is a tuck shop open at mid-morning break and at the end of lunchtime.

The following lists provide details of all classes and level of experience required. (Some require no previous experience). See also Featured Classes

Class Groups      Details and levels required                     


10 am - 1 pm for children aged 6 – 8 years old.
Here we will explore rhythm, percussion and song along with interludes for art, movement and outdoor activities.  We aim to expand musical appreciation, utilise our senses and most of all, have fun!

It’s an introduction to the magic of music.  No experience needed.
Tutor: Victoria McHugh

PIANO OPTIONS (Instruments provided)

Piano SoloPreliminary to Grade 8
Tutors: TBC
Piano Master Class - Classical

Grade 4 upwards - Two pupils per class

Half hour personal tuition each day - extra charge of €70

Piano Duets
A fun activity for pianists. You will be paired based on level.
Grades: Prelim-Grade 8
Piano with Pictures A fun, gently way of introducing beginners to piano


WIND OPTIONS (Instruments not provided)

Wind2 years tuition & able to read music
Tutor: TBD


(Instruments not provided)


1 years tuition & able to read music
Gareth McComb


STRINGS OPTIONS  (Instruments not provided)

Classical Strings2 years tuition & able to read music
Tutor: Sarah Ponsonby



Solo Voice

No minimum requirement – Good entry level class if you don’t yet take music lessons

Tutors: Sara Laughlin, Riona Lynch, Rita Demaria


Musical Theatre

Learn the art of musical performance with Sara Loughlin


Explore the power of opera.  Learn the basics of breathing and how to use autogenic training in order to fight stage fright. Our end of week performance will feature some simple songs from the musical "The Sound of Music". No experience needed

Tutor: Rita Demaria

Contemporary Choir

Tutors: Sara Loughlin

No experience needed


GUITAR OPTIONS (Instruments not provided)


1 year's tuition or over 12 years old
Tutor: Mark Ponsonb



No minimum requirement
Tutor: TB


Electric Bass

1 year's tuition or over 12 years old

Tutor: TBD


PERCUSSION OPTIONS (Instruments provided)

Drums1 year's tuition or over 12 years old
Tutor: Seamus Devenny
Orchestral PercussionTry out a range of orchestral percussion instruments from the triangle to the kettle drums
Tutor: TBC


Children of any age and ability will be able to take part in a musical ensemble where they will learn to perform a fun and exciting piece as a United group, develop listening timing and performance skills while having fun and making new friends with tutor Gerry Strawbridge.

No experience required

Tutor: TBC

Samba - 'Music from the Edge of the Amazon'

Venture up the Amazon River into the rain forest to create songs based on the wondrous creatures, sounds, music, rhythms and chants found there. Play some unusual instruments, drums and folkloric rhythms, working together to create a tropical, magical soundscape. The focus will be on ensemble playing, rhythms, sound textures and fun to produce a unique musical experience for players at all levels.

Tutor: Tom Duffy


INSTRUMENTAL & GROUP PERFORMANCE (Instruments not provided)

Donegal Pops

Play popular songs as well as themes from stage and screen from Pharrell Williams to Katy Perry and James Bond to Grease. Hear the well known songs come to life with the thrilling sound of a full orchestra.

Grade 3 in Wind, String, Brass or Drums required.

Tutor: Sarah Ponsonby

Junior Orchestra

For less experienced students, this is an opportunity to get experience of playing in an ensemble
Grades 1-3
Tutor: Sarah Ponsonby

Teenage Kicks

Workshop to select some songs to perform as a group. This is open to students aged 13+ and up who have at least grade 2 in an instrument or equivalent experience)
Tutor: Declan McClafferty


Song WritingWrite and perform an original hit!
Tutors: Seamus Deveney and Finbar Doherty  


A fantastic way to develop your listening skills and to perform free-style in groups. Suitable for classical, jazz grade improvisation and rock musicians grade 4 in any instrument. Guitar and drums players should have 2 years tuition.
Tutor: Gareth McComb



DanceMove to Jazz, Modern and Afro rhythms!
Tutor: Linda Bennett

Art, Craft and Design

Take a break from the music classes and uncover your artistic skills; Create beautiful things!





Each pupil must take at least one Instrumental / Vocal Class or Musical Minors.

Pupils must also meet the minimum requirements for each class and have completed any exam requirements.


>  The school will endeavour to accommodate everybody in the classes of their choice.  However, classes will be grouped by age and ability and filled on a first come first served basis.  Some classes are only offered on a limited basis.  If your first choice is not available, an alternative class will be offered.

>  The Semi-Breves workshop is a half-day workshop and children must be collected at 1.00pm.

>  Students must stay on the school premises at all times, except where they have the written permission of their parent / guardian to leave.  Students who leave the premises are not covered by the school insurance policy and Donegal Summer School of Music accepts no liability for them.

>  We are very grateful to the County Donegal ETB and the Donegal Music Education Partnership for the use of their musical instruments